School Profile

We are a new community school in Glendale, and will be opening for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

Alexander Hamilton Community School: A Challenge Foundation Academy (AHCS) exists to support our scholars in being academically and professionally successful by coupling high expectations with rigorous instruction, activating student leadership, and strategically partnering with families, organizations, and leaders from the community resulting in scholars meeting and exceeding academic standards.

Our vision is to develop our scholars into leaders, thoughtful citizens, and agents of change within their community. Our scholars will leave our school with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed academically, thrive professionally, and revolutionize the world around them.

Foundational Beliefs:

  1. A strong educational base that focuses on expanding background knowledge, developing 21st century skills, while fostering civic leadership is crucial for the academic and professional success of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  2. To close the achievement gap, parents and families need to be engaged in the educational trajectory of their child.
  3. A school’s impact is multiplied when community organizations and leaders support the schools’ mission.